• Can I set the tent up myself?
No, I prefer to set up and take down all tents so that I know the tent is always set up in a safe and secure condition.  It also saves you the hassle and avoids any possible damages you could cause during this process.

  • Can you set the tent up the day before my event?
I prefer to set the tent(s) up the day before an event, (does not effect tent price) especially if it is at a private residence.  The only exceptions I have are:
1. It is going to thunderstorm the day before but looks sunny the next day, in the morning.
2. The tent is to be set up in a public park, I'd prefer to set that up in the morning of the event day.

  • Do you have Tables and Chairs to rent?
I do not at this time. It is something we are considering in the near future.

  • Does the tent have to be set up on grass?
Yes the tents need to be anchored into the ground whether it is grass, dirt, or stone.  I do not have the ability to set up on concrete or pavement at this time.

  • How can I pay you?
I currently only accept cash or check and all major credit cards. Payment is due before tent will be set up.

  • Do you have sidewalls for your tent?
Not at this time.

  • How long does it take you to setup the tent?
Each set up is different depending on the circumstances, but all installs are usually done within an hour.

  • How many people can I get under each tent?

In the tents section you can see pictures of detailed seating and table charts.

20' x 20'- 48 max. people sitting at tables, 60 max. people sitting & 80 max. people standing.
20' x 30'- 80 max. people sitting at tables, 100 max. people sitting & 120 max. people standing. 
20' x 40'- 112 max. people sitting at tables, 120 max. people sitting & 140 max. people standing.

  • What if it starts to rain or thunderstorm?
Remember the tent is a temporary structure and is not meant to be permanent.  If it starts to rain you could probably hang out under the tent, but if it begins lightning and thundering you need to evacuate the tent for safety purposes. 

  • Can I decorate the tent?
Yes you can decorate the tent, but please, nothing permanent or you will have to pay for the damages or replacement parts.  Also please take down all decorations before I come to pick up the tent.

  • How far will you deliver?
I try to stay within 30 miles of zip code 33764(Clearwater). This covers most of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Largo, Pinellas Park, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, and Dunedin. I will make exceptions; but anything outside of a 20 mile range may require a delivery fee.

  • Can I set the tent up in a park?
I have set the tents up in parks before, but it is always good to reach out to the local park before setting up a reservation.

  • Do I need to give you a deposit?
No deposit is required at this time.

  • Do I need to sign the waiver?
Yes, a signed waiver is required before any rental unit will be set up.

‚ÄčFor reservations call:   727.755.TENT(8368)