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Waiver Liability Form

Tampa Bay Tents' rentals are for the use of “temporary” protection from the rays of the sun, and medium to light protection from rain and wind. For the use of safety of all occupants it is recommended that a complete evacuation of any canopy take place in the event of threatening or severe weather.

As the customer responsible for the rented items in my possession, I understand that Matthew Vincent (Owner of Tampa Bay Tents) is not responsible for any damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of erecting or tearing down of any canopy or tent in question. This includes but is not limited to any underground plumbing, lawn sprinklers, invisible dog fences, landscaping or paved areas (driveways, parking lots) and decks. Matthew Vincent reserves the right to remove any structure at any time should any circumstance arise threatening the integrity or well being of the canopy rented.

As the customer I agree to not do the following: Use Crete paper on tent, staple anything to the tent, cook or make fires near or around the tent, leave decorations on after use of the tent and agree not to make any alterations to the canopy once erected by Matthew Vincent.

As the customer I understand that I assume all the risk inherit of the rental of equipment from Matthew Vincent and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of any pay of and pay any indemnity to all claims of property or bodily injury resulting from use of equipment rented. I agree that no insurance carried by Matthew  Vincent (Owner of Tampa Bay Tents) cover the actions or inactions resulting in damage to equipment in any rental agreement. As the customer I agree that all equipment remains the responsibility of the customer until otherwise picked up and removed. I understand that any legal fees resulting in the attempt to recover by Matthew Vincent for missing equipment remains the responsibility of the customer.

I have read these terms and conditions and agree to adhere with all that is stated above

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